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Multigenerational Homes for Sale

Out with the Old, In with the New-Gen

Multigenerational homes are properties with two or more adult generations living under one roof. So, if you’ve recently had adult children or aging parents move in, then a multigenerational home could be the solution to your household's evolving needs. Owning a multigenerational home comes with countless perks, plus now is the perfect time to invest in Triangle real estate and upgrade to a home with more functional living space. Take a moment to check out the Triangle's hottest multigenerational homes, as well as some in-depth information for today's homebuyers.

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Triangle buyers are willing to pay a premium for multigenerational homes. If you are even considering selling your home, we'd love to help you maximize your equity. Get started by requesting a free home evaluation to see just how much your home is worth in today's competitive market!

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How You Can Benefit from Buying a Multigenerational Home

Boost your home-buying budget

If you're thinking about purchasing a multigenerational home for you and your loved ones, then you could benefit from a combined budget. With multiple adults contributing to the same home-buying budget, your household can consider properties with additional space that may have been out of your price range before. 

Create a win-win situation 

Having your loved ones move in means more quality time spent together—and if you have younger children, then you may suddenly benefit from live-in daycare services! And with your aging loved ones helping out with caregiving, you'll be able to keep an eye on their well-being without sacrificing any valued privacy. 

Custom-build your space 

Building a custom home in the Triangle area? No problem—here at Linda Craft Team Realtors, we've helped plenty of homeowners plan ahead by accounting for future conversion space in their new construction homes. Whether you need properties with two fully-appointed kitchens or separate parking spaces, our team always makes sure your home is as practical as it is pretty. 

Strategically time your investment 

Multigenerational homes are gaining momentum in the Triangle’s market, especially among buyers ranging from ages 41 to 55 years old. Growing demand is a positive factor when it comes to resale values—multigenerational home prices are only expected to increase as more homeowners hop on this forward-thinking trend. 

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