Smiling While
Sending Hope

Smiling While Sending Hope
7th Annual Holiday Toy Drive

October 30th - December 10th, 2021

Toy Guidelines:

  • To prevent infection, we only accept new toys. Used books are the only used items we can accept. 
  • We CANNOT accept homemade or quilted blankets or hats and stuffed animals. These items are not able to be sanitized, are at risk for developing dust mites in our closets and are an infection risk to our immune compromised patients. 
  • Please avoid toys which can break easily (i.e. made of glass or brittle plastic). 
  • We CANNOT accept wooden or fabric toys as they cannot be cleaned.
  • We do NOT accept or distribute toys that are designed to promote aggressive behaviors (e.g. toy weapons of any kind, or violent video games or movies).
  • Things We Cannot Accept: Candy, Edible Gifts, Homemade Treats/Blankets/Hats, Used toys, Large Quantities!
  • To minimize the risk of infection, we only accept new and unwrapped gifts. Due to storage restrictions we are unable to store large quantities of soft items such as stuffed animals and blankets

Drop Off Locations

Creedmoor, NC

Durham, NC

Franklinton, NC

Sampson County, NC

WakeField, NC

Wake Forest, NC

Warren County, NC

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