Renting Tips

Tips on Renting a House, Town Home or Condo in the Triangle

There are 4 basic ways to search for rentals in the Triangle and Greater Raleigh Area:

  1. By-Owner usually found in news paper, yard sign and Craig’s list. This approach is very time consuming and you only see one property at a time and have to work around the owners schedule
  2. Apartment Complex best researched at
  3. Individual Property Management Company – time consuming and will usually only show you the properties they manage which is a small sampling of what is available
  4. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS direct access to all area listings providing over 1,000 choices

Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS is a member of MLS and has access to every home for rent in the Triangle regardless of what real estate firm has the listing. Our full service approach gives you exclusive tenant representation on all available properties. Our on stop rental shopping service offers you the ability to easily search over 1,000 available rentals regardless of who is managing them. After you are finished searching all the properties and have selected those of interest call our office to schedule an appointment for consultation and viewing. (number here)

Important Information You Need to Know in Advance:

Landlords will require an application fee to check credit, criminal background, current employment, evictions, and references prior to considering you for a lease. If you know your credit score is 600 or below or they will find any negative claims such as bankruptcy, foreclosure, evections or judgments you will more than likely be turned down. Apartment complexes may be more willing to work with these situations. To save your money on application fees please disclose any issues immediately to us so we can advise you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why won’t Realtors call me back?
I have left messages at several offices and no one ever calls me backRealtors are 100% commission paid and the pay out to tenant agent is usually so low it doesn’t cover the gas used to show the property let alone any profit for the Realtor. Realtors in general do not want to work with renters because they lose so much money. Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS will work with renters today in hope that their satisfied tenant clients will remain loyal to us for their future purchase and refer our Team to their family and friends

I have pets will anyone rent to me?
Pets will eliminate about 50% of your rental choices. Expect a non-refundable pet deposit or $200 to $500 to be a requirement from the remaining 50% of the landlords

Is smoking a problem?
Yes, many landlords will not allow any smoking. An apartment complex may be your only choice

Can you help with fully furnished rentals too?
Yes, we can help you with fully furnished executive and corporate short term rentals for a small additional cost. We are corporate sponsors for the Carolina Hurricanes and are experienced in month to month rentals.

I filed bankruptcy is this going to be a problem?
If your credit report shows good credit after the bankruptcy and your income today can be verified these issues can usually be negotiated away. Some landlords will require higher security deposits or the entire rental period paid in advance. We will advise you how to work with this situation after we review your rental application and credit report 

I had a short sale or foreclosure in the past is this a problem?
These are special situations that will require a letter of explanation and verification of income and good credit history from that occurrence to present. Some landlords will require higher security deposits or the entire rental period paid in advance. We will advise you how to work with this situation after we review your rental application and credit report

How much of a Security Deposit will I need?
In North Carolina the maximum security deposit a landlord can collect is equal to two month rent. On all the listings it will disclose the security deposit requirement. Landlords may require the maximum security deposit allowed with lower credit scores

My Credit isn’t Very Good What Should I do?
Before you give up fill out our online application and allow us to pull your credit and background check. This information is the first step in knowing if you can qualify for a rental home or if you need to contact apartment complexes which have more flexible financial and credit requirements


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