Your Ultimate Wake County Move-Up Home Buying Resource

It's a scenario that most home owners will face at some point or another: The real estate move up. 

Whether you're buying a new home because you want to get a bigger home for your home or because you want to simplify your lifestyle, we're here to help! Just consider this your number 1 Wake County Move Up resource.

Here you can learn about some common home buyer pitfalls, decide whether to buy or sell first and even discover our 7 Step Action Plan for all move up buyers. It's all right here!

Move-Up Home Buying Questions You Should Ask

When people have outgrown their present Wake County home and need a larger one, there are many moving parts to selling and buying at the same time and a lot of unknowns which cause great stress for homeowners.

Take out some of the unknowns by asking the right questions. We show you how here

+Buy First or Sell First? How to Decide

One way families can reduce the stress and relax a little more in their decision making process is to find the perfect home to buy before they sell their existing home.

Lean all about what factors you should consider when deciding whether to buy or sell first by clicking here.

+The Questions You Should and Should Not Ask Potential Real Estate Representatives

On the Internet, you will find plenty of recommendations on what kind of questions you as a home seller should ask a Realtor during a listing interview. But most of these questions are ineffectual at determining who would best represent you.

Learn why most of the commonly asked Realtor questions are a waste of time and which questions you really should be asking. 

+Create a 7-Step Action Plan as a Move-Up Buyer

Every home buyer needs a plan to prepare for a successful outcome on the local housing market. We share with you our time-proven method for effectively navigating the Wake County real estate market as a move-up home buyer here.

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Please take a moment to contact us at Linda Craft & Team to receive even more knowledge and expertise about navigating the Wake County real estate market as a move up buyer. We're happy to help. 

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