Home Financing for Buyers

Don't ruin your home financing goals. Do NOT do any of the following while in the process of obtaining home financing.

  1. Open New Bank Accounts
  2. Close Existing Bank Accounts
  3. Apply for Any New Credit
  4. Inquire about New Credit or Better Rates on Existing creid
  5. Deposit funds of $300 into a bank account
  6. Transfer Money Between accounts
  7. Allowing bank statements to have negative balances
  8. Stop paying credit card debt
  9. stop paying any bills
  10. Pay a bill in collections
  11. Co-sign on any debit
  12. Ask tenant to move or give landlord notice you ar moving
  13. Shop/buy furniture, car, or any major purphose
  14. Leave existing job for any reason
  15. Have somebody else pay for a purchse of something related to your home

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