All Realtors Look Alike But A Buyer Specialist Is No Ordinary Realtor...

A Buyer's Specialist:

  • Saves you time by being an expert in market inventory and by knowing where the best homes are for you.
  • Is a top professional representing you in the purchase of any home; new home, for sale by owner, re-sales and other real estate company listings.
  • Saves you money. A skilled negotiator that is working exclusively for you and all our expertise time and personal attention is absolutely free to you.
  • Uses the latest technology to inform you instantly when a home matches your criteria.
  • Time is 100% focused on finding you the right home.
  • Is never distracted with listing property, making flyers installing signs or placing advertisements.
  • Is an individual who is surrounded by a Team of Professionals who have various areas of specialization.

A Buyer's Specialist will always Inform, Protect and Guide their clients to the best decision in the client's best interests.

Inform you of all your home choices and the disadvantages and advantages of each.
Protect you from things you may not see or know about a home or area. Linda Craft & Team have over 100 years experience and have designed specific contracts to protect their buyers.
Carefully listening to what is important to you so we can patiently guide you to the right home and area that meets all your desires and needs.

Additional Buyer Specialist Resources

Pro's and Con's to Buyer Representation

Knowing the Pro's and Con's to Buyer Representation is critical when searching for a home. The representation difference between a buyer's agent and a seller's sub Agent could make the difference of your happiness with your home. A Buyer's Agents job is to help the buyer, where as a seller's sub agent loyalty lies with the seller of the property not the buyer... read more

The Advantage of a Buyer's Specialist

A Buyer's Consultant job is to ensure all your buyer needs receive full attention. In the past all of the agents that assisted the buyer's were employed by the seller and therefore loyal to the seller. Now instead of just having agents being loyal to sellers we provide Buyer's Consultants to act solely in the interest of the buyer. The advantages of having a Buyer's Consultant are numerous. Some services & duties include: Arranging property showings, assistance with financing, providing property data... read more

Owning a Home is More Affordable Than You Think

Owning a home is easier and more affordable than you may think. Renting may seem more affordable, but it isn't always the case. See for yourself. Fill out the Rent Vs Buy Calculator and see just how much money you can save... read more

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