All Star Christmas Giveaway

Rules of the Game







Here are all of the different ways you can win.

Each game will share how the winner will be decided.


1.      Video Likes – the person who posts a video and receives the most video (likes) wins two All Star tickets with this game. The best way to increase your odds of winning is to tell all your friends to like your video. Email everyone you know and ask for help 


2.      Lottery – one winning number is drawn from the correct anwers.


3.      Reverse Lottery – one winning number is drawn from the correct answer and two gifts are rewarded. If the number drawn is 12 whoever had the 12th post wins and the 21st post wins too. The best way to win this gift is to first early and post late. Two chances to win.


4.      Best Guess – right or wrong whoever had the best guess or the most correct answers wins the gift.


5.      Gift that keeps on Giving - This game will be used for our charity drives. There will be 3 chances for you to give and win a 5 day cruise for 2. With each item you give you will receive a raffle ticket and the more you give the more chances you have to win. The charities we will be raffling chances to win are; Can goods for Food Bank, SPCA and Shoes for Soles.


6.  Most Creative- whoever comes up with the most creative answer  and has the most likes on their comments wins.



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